Pharma? Class 5 filings in 1Q 2017

International Class 5, which includes pharmaceuticals, is one of the most active classes for trademark applications at the USPTO. This blog post looks at some interesting Class 5 filing trends (and interesting marks) for applications filed in the first quarter of 2017.

The Most Common Class 5 Products

What types of products are applicants filing for? Most applications appear to be for easy-to-produce, lightly-regulated products like supplements and vitamins. It makes sense that there would be more of these than development-intensive, highly regulated pharmaceuticals, but the degree to which applications for these goods predominated was surprising.


How are Applicants Filing?

Most applications are filed based on actual use, followed by intent-to-use claims. Foreign priority or registration claims and Madrid Protocol applications lagged well behind.


Where are Applicants Located?

Together, applications from twenty of the largest foreign filers of Class 5 applications amounted to only about 800 applications, or about 16% of all 2017 applications in Class 5. Canada and Switzerland led the way, with China, Japan, Germany, and the UK well ahead of the rest of the pack.


Some Fun Brand Names

Finding good pharmaceutical trademarks is tough work. There are a slew of pending applications and registrations, so clearance is tough, FDA name approval can be difficult, and marketing groups are torn between more suggestive names and completely coined marks. Here are a few of them we enjoyed.

Mark Comments
SLNDR Lose weight by removing vowels!
DANOCRINE Too remote for an effective demonstration
PUMP DIRT Checking the ingredient list…


Combine for health-food lasagna?
DIAMOND FRESH As fresh as a billion year old chunk of carbon.
DRDOSE How is there not a rapper named this, you say? There is.
CRYPTOMUNE This will heal your animal, but if we tell you how, we’ll have to kill you.
NITRO BEETS I like this one.
SAEF And effictive


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