TM TKO Releases Manual Search Tools!

TM TKO has released manual search tools. The tool supplements our existing automated knockout tools and to allow you to do complex, targeted research.

Accessing Manual Search

To access manual search tools, log and then click “Search” in the toolbar.

TM TKO’s manual search combines structured field-based searching with flexible, Boolean logic that visually displays nested conditions, making even complicated search strategies simple to follow.

Use Cases for Manual Search

Due Diligence

Search by owner, including current owners and prior owners. You can even do separate searches for prior owners that had immediate rights in the mark or those that were “owners” only of a non-present interest, like a security interest or option.

This search identifies active registrations and applications held by a single party:


And this identifies registrations that a company used to own:


Quick Status Checks

TM TKO lets you quickly check on the status of one of your client’s applications or a third-party mark, and take advantage of our reporting tools if you need to save results in a way that you can’t do conveniently using TESS.

Search by Status

Identify applications by their most recent status – outgoing Office Action, inbound Office Action Response, Published, Allowed (or extended), a TTAB status, and more.

Clearance or Analysis

Want to use your own search strategies? No problem! You can still take advantage of complex mark search strategies that our automated clearance search relies on. For instance, “Mark Basic” builds in a variety of search strategies like searching for the exact mark, the mark as a term in other marks, stemmed versions of the mark, pseudo mark, and translation, and phonetically similar marks otherwise that appear to be strong matches.

You can also search by mark “features,” like the presence of a numerical or temporal component, currency, domain name extension, emoticons, and more.

This sample search identifies instances where a filing includes POPCORN and either disclaims the term, has a 2(f) claim, or has a Supplemental Register registration and doesn’t include any of Classes 21 (popcorn machines) or 30 (popcorn) or 31 (unpopped popcorn), or “popcorn” in the description of goods and services. You could use this research to, for example, assess whether a disclaimer would be appropriate.


Business development

It’s simple to zoom in on unrepresented applicants facing issues like an Office Action or a recently abandoned application, or to limit your search to a geographic area for a more personal touch.

The following search will identify either recently-abandoned applications or newly issued Office Actions for unrepresented parties, and focus just on applicants located in Tennessee. This identifies a significant number of local, unrepresented applicants with problems that a trademark attorney could help with.



Start Using TM TKO

Not currently using TM TKO? Subscriptions with unlimited use of all of our searching and watching tools start at $250 per month for one seat. If you have more limited needs or have to have pass-through transactional billing, you can sign up for an unlimited-use daily pass for $75.

Sign up for a free one-month demo here, or contact us with any questions at or 206-679-1895.

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